"Nutrition Webquest"


1. Go to Nutrition Facts & Calorie Counter and estimate your daily needs for calories, using the Daily Needs Calculator.
What is your Body Mass Index?
How many calories do you burn in a day?

Food Labels:
2. Click on the link for the “50 Most Popular Foods” and choose one item from the list. What is your chosen food? Click on it and tell how many "fat" calories are in your chosen food?

3. From the Nutrition Facts & Calorie Counter, click on the “Taco Bell” link under the heading of “Fast Food Facts” and find the Cheese Quesadilla link. Is this considered a good or bad food? Why
How many calories are in the quesadilla?
How many of those calories are from fat?

4. Go to Nutri-facts.com and click on the Body Mass Index Calculator on the left-hand links bar and calculate your body mass. Which category do you fall under?
Underweight, Normal, Overweight or Obese

5. At the MyPyramid.gov site click on the yellow stripe and then click on “Learn More”.
Name 3 of the 4 foods shown that are naturally high in oils:

6. At the Deciphering Food Labels site, find out one thing that nutrition labels usually include:

7. Write down what you ate and drank yesterday, use the NutritionData website to find out how many calories you consumed. Write it on the back of your paper.

8. Find 3 other interesting links on the NutritionData website, write what you found on the back of your paper.